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Panel Mount Waterproof Wire Connector

EW-B02 IP68 waterproof panel connector wire quick splice

 Number of Poles   2Pin    
 Rated Voltage   450V
 Rated Current   16A
 Wire Section   0.2-0.5mm²
 Outer Cable Diameter   3.5-7mm, 7-10mm
 Temperature Range   -40℃-+105℃
 IP Code   IP68
 Housing Materials   PA66
 Contact/Terminal Material   Copper Alloy
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    Nowadays, “convenience” has taken on a whole new meaning. With several simple steps,it’s possible to splice and connect device cable in a matter of minutes. EW-B02 press type panel mounting connector is the excellent choice for connecting the end line of tri-proof lights.

    Tri-proof light is a special light, made of special protective materials with dustproof, waterproof, explosion-proof , anti-corrosion properties. LED Tri-proof light is generally used in factories, warehouses, cold storage, subway, airport, garage, sports venues and other wet, dusty places and a variety of powder semi-finished & finished processing field, as well as steam, water vapor treatment workshop and other places. These environments are more special than ordinary environments. Hence,the lamps used here and the components that make up the lamps are also more demanding than those used in other general environments.


    EW-B02 2P connector is a fitting that seals the connection.  The reasons why is very appropriate for the led tri-proof light is that It is in line with the theory of “demand determines existence”.  The harsh requirements of the application environment on the Tri-proof lamp lead to the ultra-high requirements on the sealing elements of the Tri-proof lamp. The increasing demand for led Tri-proof lights also pulls the need for sealed connectors. In fact, this panel sealing connectors have many applications, not just limited to Tri-proof lights. Below we will take Tri-proof lamp as the representative to elaborate its characteristics and applicability.

    Reason-1.The sealed structure of lamps and lanterns has always been the focus of manufacturers. As the port for incoming cables of luminaires, how to meet the wiring requirements meanwhile meet the waterproof requirements of lamps and lanterns is a big challenge in front of lighting manufacturers. EW-B02 IP68 connector provides just-right water proof structure ensuring integral tightness, along with harsh environment availability.

    Reason-2.Fully utilizing the superior properties of PA66 material as connector shell, you will find that it provides shock resistance for the connector and the entire equipment is corrosion-proof  and UV proof.

    Reason-3.High and low temperature resistance is also one of the prominent features of the connector, which echoed the complex application scenario of tri-proof  lamp.The operating temperature range of -40℃-+105℃ is sufficient to break the temperature barrier in many scenarios and have it a wide application range.

    2Pin EW-B02 quick panel connector integrate convenient wiring and nondestructive conductivity to provide solution to cable connection end of lights.The convenient connection mode enables the connector to not only greatly improve the assembly efficiency , but also work with the mounting bracket serving as a fixed and supported cable layout.

    2Pin 16A sealed Connector Outline Drawing


    Q : Is this terminal connector only used for tri-proof lights ?
    A :
    No, it is also used for other wiring equipment.

    Q : What cable sizes are acceptable for this wire clamp connector ? 
    A :
    Refer to rubber sealing ring size. Ring OD 6.5mm for 3.5-7mm outer cable; Ring OD 9.8mm for 7-10mm outer cable.(OD-Outside Diameter)

    Q : 
    Is the housing material of the connector anti-aging and anti-corrosion ?

    A : PA66 shell is resistant to cold, aging, heat and corrosion.

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