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Panel Mount Waterproof Wire Connector

EW-L02/L03 2Pin 3Pin panel wire connector copper alloy terminal

 Number of Poles   2/3Pin    
 Rated Voltage   400V
 Rated Current   24A
 Wire Section   0.5-2.5mm²
 Outer Cable Diameter   3.5-7mm, 7-10mm
 Temperature Range   -40℃-+105℃
 IP Code   IP68
 Housing Materials   PA66
 Contact/Terminal Material   Copper Alloy
    ✔ Screwed Panel Mounting Wire Connector Panel&Chassis Mount Connectors ✔ IP68 Level Cable Connectors Panel Mount wire-board Connector ✔Plug and panel-mount socket Connector CE UL SAA ROSH Approved

    Screwed panel connector integrate compact waterproof structure and stable conductivity to provide solutions to wire connecting of all kinds of electrical equipment. And obviously we can see that the age old wiring mode is far below requirement and there is a growing awareness of safety. In the entire circuit, the connected devices and insulated connector is bound together to fix the wire,power the equipment and transmit the signal.

    With the use of round head waterproof connector, the wire can be locked to the shell of the product, providing a stable wire fixing structure for the wiring for equipment so that it can play a better role in wire connecting.EW-L02 and EW-L03  is a category of screw fixed panel mount waterproof connector. Here are five of the key benefits of this 2-3P connector.

                 lighting wire connection cable connector

    Connector-variable size outer access cable

    The connector can adjust the locking integration-degree by screwing the locking nut. This function is credited to the interaction between the clamping claw at the end of the connector and rubber sealing ring and locking nut. Therefore,the cable diameter we marked on the parameter table is a range rather than a specific piece of data. You don‘t need to worry about losing the water proof of the connector because of a slight change in the cable diameter.

    Connector-IP68 superior waterproof rating 

    Connector fitting provide superior waterproof rating-IP68 protection-far more than the market peers.This deliver outdoor equipment wiring a strong guarantee. The higher the water resistance, the better for the connected equipment. A small improvement in waterproof performance is likely to help you recover huge losses in future applications.

    Connector-Stable wire locking structure

    Because the connector is in panel-locked style, this connector is ideal for applications that require wires to be bolted to the panel. The structure of EW-L02/L03 400V connector provides a stable cable locking mode, so that the connected devices and cables are integrated, which reflects the realization of contemporary product integration design concept.

    Connector-durable and long lasting quality

    There is a wide range of cable connector options out there, so proper selection may be  tough for people.But there is one rule that must not be ignored, and that is, the quality of the connector, which also can be said to be its durability.

    As this product demonstrates, the 400V 24A panel connector has this excellent quality. It passed nine different performance tests, including IP test, insulation resistance test, s-Electric strength test, mechanical strength test, pull test, resistance to aging test ,temperature rise test ,salt spray test, torque test. Meanwhile,It also has passed the following certifications-ROHS/cUL/TUV/SAA/CE. When you apply it to your product and try to get your product through the certification tests. The EW-L02/L03 connector is reliable and nothing to worry about.

    Connector-wide application range

    A IP68 connector with multiple applied occasions will add more value to the product. Because of its wide range of applications, connectors are more likely to be selected. This is a tangible economic benefit.

    2-3Pin 24A Screwed Connector Outline Drawing

    EW-L02/L03 panel connector is a kind of wiring component that is used to be the wire end of led tri-proof light. In addition, we also have a variety of other connectors, such as quick connector, male and female docking connector, 1 in 2 out connector, 1 in 3 out connector, 1 in 4 out connector industrial connector, aviation connector, solar system connector, waterproof junction box and so on

    When you know what kind of connector you need, you need to choose the right connector manufacturer. Different connector manufacturers use different materials, adopt different production processes, and the quality of the final produced connector will certainly be different. WeiChat is a time-tested connector manufacturer, worthy of your trust and choice.

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