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Panel Mount Waterproof Wire Connector

EW-LP20P Panel Fixed Female Socket Connector Interface 2-12Pin

 Poles   2Pin   3Pin   4Pin   5Pin   7Pin   9Pin   12Pin
 Rated Voltage   500V   500V   500V   500V   500V   250V   250V
 Rated Current   20A   20A   20A   10A   10A   5A   5A
 Outer Cable   OD: 5-6.5mm(signal), 5-9mm, 8-12mm(power)
 Wire Section 2.5-4.0mm² 1.0-1.5mm² 0.34-0.75mm²
 Operating Temp   -40℃-+80℃
 WithstandVoltage 2500V 1500V
 Waterproof   IP68 Rating
 Flame Resistance   UL94 V-0
 Certifications   UL / TUV / ROHS / CE
 Raw Material   PBT ; Silicone ; Copper Alloy 
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    Panel connectors are developed to provide a convenient and secure way to connect electrical panels or modules in a variety of applications. They help to reduce installation time and improve the overall efficiency of the electrical system. Panel connectors are designed to be durable and reliable, ensuring a stable and continuous connection between panels. They also provide easy access for maintenance and repairs, as well as protection against electrical interference and damage. Overall, panel connectors are an essential component of any electrical system, and their development is crucial for ensuring its effective and efficient operation.

    How to Mount Panel Connector on the Product Housing
    1. Determine the location on the product housing where the panel connector will be mounted.
    2. Mark the mounting holes on the product housing using a pencil or marker.
    3. Drill pilot holes at the marked locations using a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the mounting screws provided with the panel connector.
    4. Place the panel connector onto the product housing and align the mounting holes with the pilot holes.
    5. Secure the panel connector to the product housing using the mounting screws provided.
    6. Connect the wires or cables to the appropriate terminals on the panel connector according to the manufacturer‘s instructions.
    7. Test the panel connector to ensure it is securely mounted and functioning properly.

                                                                   9Pin Flange Connector Signal Connector Outline Drawing
              9 Pin panel connector signal connector outline drawing

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