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Panel Mount Waterproof Wire Connector

EW-LP20S Male Plug in cable connector 2P 3P 4P 5P 7P 9P 12P

 Poles   2Pin   3Pin   4Pin   5Pin   7Pin   9Pin   12Pin
 Rated Voltage   500V   500V   500V   500V   500V   250V   250V
 Rated Current   20A   20A   20A   10A   10A   5A   5A
 Outer Cable   OD: 5-6.5mm(signal), 5-9mm, 8-12mm(power)
 Wire Section 2.5-4.0mm² 1.0-1.5mm² 0.34-0.75mm²
 Operating Temp   -40℃-+80℃
 WithstandVoltage 2500V 1500V
 Waterproof   IP68 Rating
 Flame Resistance   UL94 V-0
 Certifications   UL / TUV / ROHS / CE
 Raw Material   PBT ; Silicone ; Copper Alloy 
    floor stand screen wire connector screen matrix cable connector flood light panel mount cable connector male female butting
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    What are the benefits of male female cable butting?

    Improved electrical conductivity: By combining multiple strands of wire together, male-female cable butting creates a more efficient and effective electrical conductor. This can reduce resistance and improve the overall performance of the cable.
    Enhanced durability: Male-female cable butting creates a stronger and more durable connection between the wires. This can help prevent breakage or damage during installation or use, and extend the life of the cable.
    Improved signal transmission: By joining multiple strands of wire together, male-female cable butting can improve the transmission of signals, such as audio or video. This can help provide a clearer and more consistent signal, without interference or distortion.
    Increased flexibility: Male-female cable butting allows for more flexibility in the design and configuration of cables. This can make it easier to customize the cable to meet specific needs or requirements, and improve its overall versatility.
    Cost savings: Male-female cable butting can be a cost-effective solution for creating custom cables or connectors. By using this method, it is possible to create a high-quality cable without having to invest in expensive, specialized equipment or materials.

    What is male connector?

    A male connector is a type of electrical connector that has one or more protruding pins that are designed to be inserted into a corresponding female connector. These connectors are commonly used to join two electrical wires or cables together. Male connectors are often used in conjunction with female connectors to create a secure, reliable connection between two electrical components.

                                                                          7Pin male Connector aviation Connector Outline Drawing
                     male connector industrial connector 7Pin

                  display screen panel connector power signal connector  

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